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Have you ever needed to Pause a game? Well FS Real Time knows when you do
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Mktwice Mktwice If your free flight has to be started in your timezone of sure, and the game has setings synced with the system time, it is no way today found programm what will update time in fsx just looking at region flight and world time server, if you're about it. I hope the program like this could be updated only by system time + change this depending where are you fly now.
If yuo fly only at your time zone, so you can autoupdate time just by fsuipc, but if you fly different regions and want to be sure that your time in the flight is correct everywere and everytime, so this stuff is a must have.

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nothappy I was very disapointed when i bought this piece of (software?). All it did for me is input the wrong time in to FSX, its an hour behind. When pointed it out to the developer, rather than trying to fix the issue, he chooses to just ignore it.

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Guest Is this free? What is the validity of the trial version?

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Joshua Robertson Hello,

I'm only the developer of FS Real Time, not the developer of the World Time Zones 'Scenery' that comes bundled with FS Real Time. The FS Real Time software by itself does an excellent job of maintaining the time within the flight simulator. The freeware World Time Zone files are maintained by Dennis Thompson who unfortunately hasn't updated those time zones in some time. I'm always looking for talented individuals who are interested in updating and maintaining a more current set of world time zones scenery.

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